Community Spotlight: Sunita Kumar


Sunita Kumar has spent her career working in both New York and San Francisco, and after 15+ years with senior roles in brand management and digital marketing, now runs two companies of her own. She started with Catalyzing Insights which focuses on marketing strategy and research, and in 2013 applied her e-commerce knowledge to her own wellness company, creating content and products that support functional medicine and women's wellness. Sunita has an MBA in Marketing and Corporate Strategy, and an Engineering Degree in Applied Math.

Sunita will be leading a 2 hour workshop at Radiant on Metrics and Magic: Turning Your 90-Day Vision Into Reality this Thursday, January 18th, at 11am. We talked to her about how she uses her business experience to set herself up for success, and good health.

How do you practice wellness from the inside out?

This has evolved as I have gotten older. In my 40s, it means fueling my body with quality food and supplements, drinking enough water, and prioritizing sleep. In the past I used to do more vigorous exercise. I still do move my body, but spiritual practice, following my body's natural flow, and quiet time are key. 

How does nutrition tie into the work and coaching you do?

I became interested in human performance optimization and neuro-linguistic programming after finding myself frustrated with myself. Why couldn't I get out of my own way? What makes us all tick? Overall, moving people one step forward (inclusive of myself), is often all it takes to build confidence and momentum. With nutrition, it's much the same thing. As a woman with PCOS (hormonal imbalance) I became frustrated with the lack of solutions and information out there. My childhood passions have always been chemistry and psychology, so the business I have and am building will continue to evolve in those themes.

How do you start the year (or quarter) to set yourself up for success?

For me, I get really clear on what I want. Like many entrepreneurs I have more ideas than time, and am not good at prioritizing. So for me I pick the 1-2 things I know I want to get done in the next 3 months, and work backwards on what I will need to make it happen. That includes money, resources, metrics and time. I am increasingly becoming okay with making it just one thing. 

Why do you find the “metrics” so important when setting goals? 

Even as someone with a quantitative background, I avoided this area for the longest time. I still do... because it is often boring and scary. I think numbers are important because they are real. Even if you get an intuitive hit about a direction you should take, the business world operates in numbers. It forces you to translate ideas in to action. And if resistance comes up - you can deal with it - instead of ignoring it. Once I became involved in e-commerce, avoidance was no longer possible. That's why I am passionate about women getting together and talking about this stuff. There can be a middle ground between complete right brain visioning, and boring 5-year business plans. 

What do you think is the “magic” part when it comes to goal setting?

I am a big believer in left brain/right brain thinking. Even with an engineering degree and an MBA, I make many of my decisions via intuition. I think many women are the same. So I would say the "magic" is that when you give your conscious brain a "container" - it gets to focus on that and be quiet. And it lets your imagination, creative side, intuition, work on the how. The "magic" is how the two can work well together instead of fighting each other. Without stating the what out loud first, the brain gets tied up trying to do the what and how at the same time. So we often get overwhelmed and give up. 

What is it that makes you excited about Metrics and Magic?

I am passionate about doing this because I wanted to create something I was looking for myself. A supportive environment with like-minded self-starters. At Radiant, the community, location,  diversity, and "vibe" is great, so I wanted to create something to give back. As someone with a deep background in business, I felt much of the business coaching out there is not tackling the key issue. Women are spending a lot of money with people who have no real business background, and leaving without a real plan. This is a mistake I made. I also wanted to help other women, who may be intimidated by numbers, in a supportive environment. Ultimately my long-term business goals are enabling women with health and wealth, in whatever ways I can.