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Breaking the Taboo

Are you going through the crazy roller coaster ride of getting pregnant too? No matter how, whether it is recurring miscarriages, failed inseminations, or “just” not getting pregnant – these are difficult conversation topics however, talking is what helps dealing with the struggle.

Come join our panel and let's break the taboo around these topics! Together with our panelists I will present my personal journey through several failed pregnancies that eventually ended with a glimpse of hope. I will be joined by two excellent co-panelist Heather and Diane, who have assisted and counseled many women through similar journeys.

- Heather Moore, L.A.c, Acupuncturist and expert in fertility and conception. Heather has focused her entire career on Women's Health and became a Fellow of American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine in 2009. 

- Diane Cote, LCSW and Therapist, specialized in mindfulness-based practices and issues related to reproductive health such as infertility counseling. 

Join us to hear our stories and share yours. We hope to create a sense of community that will support you whether you are going or have been through similar experiences.

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